That hair!

I finished reading the first part of Russell Brand’s autobiography. To be honest, it hasn’t left me wanting to rush out to grab My Booky Wook2.  I, naively didn’t know anything really about the guy until Hubby made me watch ‘Get Him to the Greek’ (which I loved, incidentally,) and so decided to pick up this book.  I do have quite a soft spot for autobio’s and usually enjoy sharing titbits with the family over the dinner table.  However, there was no sharing of titbits, or any other bits, of this book, I can tell you!  He IS Aldous Snow in real life.  Shallow, sleezy, obnoxious, self-involved, oh and did I mention sleezy?  Now, I don’t want to get sued for these comments or anything, so in my defense, let me just say that this is how Brand portrays himself in the book and admits himself that he knows what he is and doesn’t try to hide any of it behind that hair!  The book is dedicated to his Mum and on the very first line, he tells her to ‘please God, don’t read it, Mum!’

On the plus side, the book is easy to read in that the ‘story’ flows well from one snippet of his crazy life to another.  The photos he chose to add are great as they certainly don’t make him out to be anything other than what he is – controversial, funny and very natural (what you see is what you get.)  Some autobiographies you read seem a bit contrite and ‘forced’.  Russell tells it how it is/was and is honest and open.  Some of his escapades leave you wondering if your leg has been well and trully pulled, or if he’s making a big joke out of something small that may have happened, or maybe didn’t happen at all.  He IS a comedian first and foremost and somewhat of a ‘dodgy guy’, so I think the purpose of this book is to poke fun at himself.  He achieves this and you know what, I am actually tempted now to read My Booky Wook 2!  Maybe it’s because I’m a closet Hello magazine-type-of-girl and want to hear more about him and Katy PerryKaty, and maybe I just need to give the guy a second chance.  Watch this space…. by the bath!

Brand as Aldous Snow

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