sweet Sweet Valley

Ok, I have a confession… I was a huge teenage fan of the Sweet Valley High series of books, featuring the annoyingly perfect Elizabeth and her flirty, troublemaker twin, Jessica. I loved the covers and used to lie them all on my bedroom floor and adore their prettiness (I’m still a ‘cover judge’ to this day but don’t line my books up any more -I just stroke and look upon them lovingly instead) I was completely hooked in that sunshiney high school world (not a vampire in sight) and mourned their loss when I sold them all in a shoe box before going to Uni myself (unfortunate, not SVU – and I’m talking about the days when that meant Sweet Valley University, not a homicide TV show!)

Aww, the memories come flooding back...

Imagine the sheer excitement when I learnt that Francine Pascal, my teenage idol, had released a new Sweet Valley book, ten years on.  I rushed to eBay.co.uk (my favourite book seller of choice now that books are so expensive to buy from Australian bookseller’s shelves) and practically tore the parcel open with my teeth in my rush to get to the fresh Sweet Valley meat!  The cover was even better than the one I’d seen on Google too, as it was very evocative of the SVH books of yore.  Oh yay!

Pretty in pink

Off to finish it now… More later!

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