Dew eyed over Dewey

Okay, I confess… I’m a sucker for an animal story! It all started with Marley (that godamned crazy dog who had me bawling my eyes out by the end) then there was Lucky, the sea-faring dog (he doesn’t die so perversely, he’s not as well known as his predecessor in the media circus) and then I also read about Cleo the cat, who helped heal a grieving family. Amidst all of these I had seen the Dewey book but decided that I was done with true, soppy animal stories so never read the story of this ‘Small-Town Library cat who touched the World.’ However, when my friend Debbie from England – a Librarian and avid reader, who I rely on for some great reading recommendations – told me about this book she’d read and loved. I had to give it a go myself… yes, it was Dewey!

Dewey Readmore Books is found as a tiny, dirty bundle of fur deposited in the overnight book chute in a small-town Library in Iowa one Winter’s night.  He is immediately taken in by the Library staff and loved and cared for like no other alley cat ever has, I imagine!  Until my 4 year old son insisted on us adopting one of my neighbour’s kittends from an unexpected litter a year ago, I never thought of myself as a ‘cat person’.  Alice stole my heart so much that when another friend’s cat had kittens, we ended up taking one of those too!  A boy this time, who I named Dobby-Ron.  Dewey reminds me a lot of our Dobby.  Maybe that’s why the story of Dewey is top of my list of favourite animal stories.  Bye, Bye, Marley – Dewey has landed!

Dobby always finds a warm face to sleep next to!

For those of you who are not ‘into’ cats, the book does offer more than just cute Dewey stories.  It tells of the struggles of small-town life and some history of the Library where Dewey was found, and you also get to learn a little about Vicki Myron, the author (and Dewey’s Mum!) and some of the hardships she has been dealt in her life.  The story is ultimately uplifting with scatterings of sadness and sorrow.  I have heard a whisper that there is a second Dewey book out now and a kid’s version.  Book Depository, here I come…

My very own Dewey, Dobby, cuddling up to 'his' pillow.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. diana
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 12:30:27

    your review was intersting…i too am a sucker for animal stories but dewey left me cold…i felt there was too much of the author’s story vs dewey and she across too strong for me
    i haven’t heard of lucky and will have to look out for him…too darn cute on the cover!


  2. BryOak
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 08:25:39

    Hmm, your comment has got me thinking, Diana. Yes, there was actually a lot about Vicki in the book but I didn’t actually mind that BUT I would have liked to hear more of Dewey’s antics. There was a lot more about him and the cute stuff he did early in the book than there was by the middle-end.

    I actually picked up a copy of ‘Dewey’s Nine Lives’ from my local Library yesterday and was disappointed to find that it’s short stories about other people’s cats. I am not a fan of the short story!

    Lucky is hilarious. He’s a mad, cat-hating boat dog! let me know what you think when you’ve read his story…


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