Twelve – Jasper Kent

This is the first book I received from Transworld Publishers, and what a gem of a book it is. It arrived the day before a weekend break that I’d booked, so it came along and was devoured! My poor family had to constantly fend for themselves as this book had me so engrossed, I really couldn’t put it down. I love it when I find a book that does that! Isn’t that what all bookworms crave? A real page-turner and a book that keeps on playing in your mind when aforementioned family drag you out and forbid you from bringing your book with you?!

‘Twelve’ is set in 1812, during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.  The narrator, Aleksei Danilov, is [art of a small group of 4 Russian officers who aim to stop Napoleon and his invading army.  The four of them hear of and enlist a band of 12 mercenaries to fight alongside them again the French.  These are the Twelve that lend themselves to the title of this fantastic book.  I don’t particularly like ‘war stories’ but this is so much more than that and it is very readable indeed.  Aleksei is a decent man and a great story teller, as he travels through Moscow trying to undo some of the damage caused by the Twelve, who are a lot more than they first appear to be.  Let’s just say that there is torture, cannibalism, fangs and a lot of blood involved!

Yes, it is a vampire hunting book but I don’t want to put people off reading this – those who are sick to the back fangs of Dracula-esque books – by labelling it as such.  Twilight it is not, trust me.  It’s a saga to be devoured in as few a-sittings as possible.  It reminded me a little of Justin Cronin’s The Passage but not so rambling and better written (and I have to say that I loved The Passage.)  Yes, it is a trilogy (stop groaning!) and I have already jumped onto The Book Depository and ordered the second instalment.  Hurry up and arrive, please…  I want more Aleksei.

Oh, and the ending of part 1 has a great twist!

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