The Raising

As a teenager, I was a huge fan of Francine Pascal, Judy Bloome et al and was easily sucked into the life of an American teenager and of life in small-town America. As an adult, it takes little to pull me back into that world – Glee, iCarly, Kyle XY, Vampire Diaries etc etc. So, like, when I hear of a book set in an American university campus, you know I’m going straight there, right?

‘The Raising’ by Laura Kasischke is a coming-of-age, Gothic romance/ghost story that I really enjoyed.  It tells the story of Nicole Werner, a Sorority Sister (have to confess here for also having a penchance for the whole Greek House thing – no such thing in our boring English Universities) who is killed one night in a car accident involving her bf, Craig.  Craig escapes unharmed but Nicole is apparently injured and burnt so badly that can only be identified by her jewellery.  All seems straight forward enough, right?  Wrong!  A witness knows that when she arrived on the scene, Nicole was lying in her boyfriend’s arm perhaps dying but certainly not from horrific burns and bloody injuries.  To top this all off, certain students, including Craig’s room mate, Perry, start to see Nicole around Campus a year following her funeral.

As you get drawn into the dramas of life on campus – told predominantly by 3 main characters (Perry, the witness Shelly and a Professor of  ‘death and superstitions’) – you can’t help but keep turning those pages.  It is fairly predictable but this lessens the enjoyment of it no less.

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  1. Fiona
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 13:33:56

    Like you I loved any books that pulled me into the life of the American teenager, so much so that I actually spent a year in the States as an exchange student. I think this book would be right up may alley as like you I love the thought of the whole living on campus and sorority house, so unlike boring Aussie uni’s. Add in ghosts and a bit of mystery and this will definitely be going near the top of my to read list this year!!!!! Thanks for the great review and intro to this book : )


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