The Lock Artist

This is the first Steve Hamilton book I’ve read but it won’t be my last. I started reading and couldn’t believe that I was almost half way before I knew it and had lost all track of time!  Loved the story, main character and style of writing.  I’ve read plenty of books that have parallel storylines running through them and/or set in two different times but I think this is the first one I’ve read where the two main stories were only six months apart.  I kept trying to work out what was going to happen in those ‘missing’ six months and why Michael, the main character was in two different States during each time and why.

Michael is an eighteen year old safe cracker or ‘lock artist.’  When he was only eight years old, he was witness to and involved in a traumatic, horrendous event and hasn’t spoken a word since then.  Ten years on and he is still getting to grips with what happened to him, living with his Uncle in a cheap liquor store, playing with locks as a hobby until one day, his lock opening skills get him involved with the ‘wrong’ people.  The story then takes on a darker twist as Michael gets drawn more into this life of crime.

Michael’s one chance at salvation comes in the form of Amelia, the daughter of the man who Michael has to work for to serve his community service hours with after being caught trying to unlock his safe.

‘The Lock Artist’ is a suspenseful, clever thriller of a read.  Described by Lee Child as a ‘can’t-put-it-down spectacular.’  I agree, Mr. Child!

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