Yesterday’s Sun – Amanda Brooke

Holly and her husband, Tom, buy an old country house in England (I just loved the setting and really wanted to actually see their house) with a huge but vastly overgrown garden. One day, whilst walking though the garden which she loves, Holly discovers an old sundial. It appears to be broken but then she finds some other random pieces and as she is a sculptor and artist, she manages to reassemble the old piece but soon starts to question whether it is a blessing or not as she starts succumbing to illusions created by what she sees in the sundial.

These visions show a future where Tom is seen cradling their future baby – as yet unborn and unplanned by Holly – but the vision shows no Holly. As she revisits the sundial to find out more about this possible future, Holly learns that in order to give Tom the child he desperately wants, she has to die in the process. Initially, Holly wasn’t too eager to start a family but as she spends more time in the sundial’s cruel, future world, she comes to love their daughter and she has to make a tough decision. Does she sacrifice herself or her future child?

Have the tissue box on hand for this one! It’s a real emotional read and a great story too.

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