Two Weeks’ Notice – Rachel Caine

I was VERY excited to pick up a mystery parcel from our Village Store* which was an unexpected but much welcomed advance copy of Rachel Caine’s ‘Two Weeks Notice’ – Thank you, Heidi McCourt from The Penguin Group.

*I recently moved into a lovely little (emphasis on ‘little’) part of Australia – drive past, blink and you miss it.  There is no parcel delivery up here so you have to go to its one and only shop to pick up any parcels or large mail items.  Love it!  Anyway, I digress…

Rachel Caine is the author of the popular YA series, ‘Morganville Vampires’ (as yet, unread by me.)  Her new series, entitled ‘Revivalist’ is more adult in nature as it features an undead funeral parlour owner fighting against the corporate company who murdered her and then brought her back to life through the use of an illegal, experimental drug known as Returne.  The problem I had with this book – and not the books fault in the slightest – was that Bryn obtained her ‘undead’ status in the first book and as ‘Two Weeks’ Notice’ is the sequel, there were parts of it and certain characters which would have been more meaningful to me had I known more about them.

Bryn herself is likeable as is her boyfriend, Patrick despite the ‘ickiness’ of her being dead and him not.  Together they form a support group to help other Returne addicts and this is where they come across more unsavoury ‘zombies’ than Bryn.  She has to fight for her life (undead as it is already!) on more than one occasion and the book ends in such a way that you know there is much more fighting to be done in the future.

I enjoyed this book and will be reading the first in the series, ‘Working Stiff’ to shed more light on the whole Returne thing and what Bryn was like as a character before her heartbeat stopped!

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