The Micawber Tavern

Last night, Hubby and I escaped without kids and went out for a very enjoyable meal at the lovely Micawber Tavern near where we live. I forgot to take my camera with me so didn’t get to take any photos of the inside, which is made to look like an old Dickensian street. It also has a snug appropriately called ‘The Dickens room’ but we hadn’t reserved a table in there so we were with the rest of the ‘paupers’ in the main room.


Whilst we were enjoying our kid-free meal (no chicken nuggets or pink cordial on our table, thank you very much!) we got onto the subject of Blogs and I realised how long it has been since I posted on Reading in The Bath. My apologies. In my defence, I have gone back to full-time work and am finding it quite the juggle with having 4 primary aged kids and all their sport commitments and social lives (theirs not mine… They get out a lot more than I do these days!)  However, I promise to try my best to keep updating this Blog as often as I can as I do enjoy it and want to share the wonderful books I read with you all.


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