Review Policy & BryOak (Blog author.):

Review Policy:

Dear Reader, Authors, Publishers, Publicists and anyone else reading this,

I love books, plain and simple.  I read widely and vastly through a range of genres from Adventure to the Zany, including classics and contemporary.  Anything that is put in front of me, I read.  I an more than eager to get my ink-smudged fingers on advance copies of books, preferably in book/print format but can also accept for my Kindle.  I try to read and review all advance copies within a month (kids and work allowing – they do have an annoying habit of getting in the way of my reading!) and always review with honesty and integrity (I will say if I didn’t enjoy a book but will always look for the positives.)

Authors, Publisists, Publishers etc etc can contact me via email:  for my postal address and to offer me the opportunity to read and review your book(s.)

Thank you in advance for visiting reading in the bath and for hopefully any ARCs that may well be coming my way…

And now for a little about me, BryOak:

When I’m not reading and/or soaking in the bath, I’m running round like a headless chicken being a school-Mum, Footy-Mum, Taxi-driver-Mum, Baking-Mum… and all other manners of Mum we lucky ladies choose to be.  I have 4 gorgeous sons but as yet, not one of them seems to be sharing my love of reading, so I have to share my book musing and mutterings with the world instead!

I was born and grew up on the small island of Anglesey off the North coast of Wales, which possibly explains why I have a big soft spot for ‘homely’ tales, set in small or rural villages.  I spent 10 years in the hustle bustle of Manchester before emigrating to Oz in 2004.  I haven’t looked back since.  Life Down Under is everything Hubby and I imagined and more.  We live in a tree-filled,scenic spot of the World but can also get to the city of Melbourne in an hour for when we (read ‘I’) crave some hustle and bustle and greater retail therapy than the Hills offer.

Apart from the obvious (family), my greatest loves include reading, reading and more reading; photography and scrapbooking; my iPod and Kindle (affectionately named Charlotte;) daytrips and holidays; FaceBook; movies; going out for dinner (any excuse not to have to chop veggies and wash dishes!); my local Library; letter writing; McDonalds (for my sins!); lovely, smelly and pretty candles and bath treats; chocolate and wine, and last but not least, my 2 gorgeous cats…

and of course, making the Top 10 is writing this Blog!

Feel free to contact me at: if you wish to contact me outside of this Blog space.

The latest addition to the family, Dobby-Ron

Alice-Minerva, sleepy as usual. Oh to be a cat!


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