The Micawber Tavern

Last night, Hubby and I escaped without kids and went out for a very enjoyable meal at the lovely Micawber Tavern near where we live. I forgot to take my camera with me so didn’t get to take any photos of the inside, which is made to look like an old Dickensian street. It also has a snug appropriately called ‘The Dickens room’ but we hadn’t reserved a table in there so we were with the rest of the ‘paupers’ in the main room.


Whilst we were enjoying our kid-free meal (no chicken nuggets or pink cordial on our table, thank you very much!) we got onto the subject of Blogs and I realised how long it has been since I posted on Reading in The Bath. My apologies. In my defence, I have gone back to full-time work and am finding it quite the juggle with having 4 primary aged kids and all their sport commitments and social lives (theirs not mine… They get out a lot more than I do these days!)  However, I promise to try my best to keep updating this Blog as often as I can as I do enjoy it and want to share the wonderful books I read with you all.


Books, books, books – the best gift you can ever receive!

My son plays junior football and I’m the team’s Team Manager (for my sins!) It was our season break-up recently where we congratulate the boys and their coaches on a great season of footy. The parents had clubbed together and also got me a thank you gift, which was a lovely surprise. They clearly know me well as they bought me a book voucher – the best gift anyone can ever give me!

The very next day I rushed off to the book shop to browse, browse, browse and spend, spend, spend! This is the stash I came home with.

‘Fresh Meat!’ in the form of books…

At the shopping centre where Dymocks is, they quite often have independent stalls scattered around for a week or so at a time. I was ecstatic to see a book selling stall there this week and best of all, all the books on it were just  a gold coin each. I could not let that opportunity go un-shopped so also brought home this mini mountain:


Another book I bought for a dollar from the same book stall was one I’d been wanting to read for a long time, ever since I heard about it on Richard and Judy – ‘No and Me’ by Delphine De Vigan (review coming soon.)

I’m so there…

Driving up the Hill towards home today, I just had to pull over and snap this –

Book Fair? I’m there!

I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it!

I have to share with you all the most exciting news… I have just received my first surprise parcel from a Book publisher! Yay! Thank you to the wonderful Anna Balasi from Hachette NYC  for my free copy of Eowyn Ivey‘s ‘The Snow Child.’  I am still in shock and feeling all warm and fuzzy.  There are 2 books on the go next to my bath at the moment but as soon as they’re done, I will be diving into The Snow Child with much glee and excitement.

Thank you to Boof of The Book Whisperer for pointing me in the right direction!

Can’t see the wood for the boxes…

My apologies for having been so quiet on ‘Reading in the Bath’ of late. Unfortunately, not much reading has been going on – in the bath or otherwise – as we have been busy moving house. We have bought a beautiful piece of Australia, up in d’em dere hills and busy making it into our own. Unpacking is over half way done now, finally, so will be back as soon as I can to post reviews on those books I have managed to squeeze in inbetween boxes, renovations (yes, we’re doing a bathroom renovation already – got to get my claw foot bath in there for soaking and reading purposes) and finding new homes for everything! Oh the joy…

‘Tis the Season to be Slack…

Sorry, All, for my absence from ‘Reading in the Bath’ of late. Blame it on the forthcoming festive Season… I’m a bit of a Christmas nut and spend way too much time – and, as my husband will tell you, money! – getting everything ready for the Big Day (which, to me, is Christmas Eve – my fave day of the year, very closely followed by the 25th!) I have also returned to work, which has been a BIG shock to the system and reading-life, so my poor ole’ Blog has taken a much undeserved back seat. I hope to be back with some reviews very soon. Please bear with me…

Library Pile

Why is it that I can never go to my local Library and leave with just the one book I went in for?? I had ordered and reserved a copy of Michel Faber’s ‘Under The Skin’ which a few people seem to be talking about on their Blogs of late. After what seemed an age, I finally got a message from the Library saying that it had arrived. I dropped everything there and then and rushed down to pick it up. I also – ahem, ahem – came home with a few additional waifs and strays…

Library Book Pile

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