Books, books, books – the best gift you can ever receive!

My son plays junior football and I’m the team’s Team Manager (for my sins!) It was our season break-up recently where we congratulate the boys and their coaches on a great season of footy. The parents had clubbed together and also got me a thank you gift, which was a lovely surprise. They clearly know me well as they bought me a book voucher – the best gift anyone can ever give me!

The very next day I rushed off to the book shop to browse, browse, browse and spend, spend, spend! This is the stash I came home with.

‘Fresh Meat!’ in the form of books…

At the shopping centre where Dymocks is, they quite often have independent stalls scattered around for a week or so at a time. I was ecstatic to see a book selling stall there this week and best of all, all the books on it were just  a gold coin each. I could not let that opportunity go un-shopped so also brought home this mini mountain:


Another book I bought for a dollar from the same book stall was one I’d been wanting to read for a long time, ever since I heard about it on Richard and Judy – ‘No and Me’ by Delphine De Vigan (review coming soon.)


A New Chapter Begins

After having spent years and years reading a huge variety of books, keeping diaries, registering book wish-lists and browsing new and old fiction and book reviews, soaking in the bath and reading others’ Blogs, the time has come to mix it all together and start my own Book Blog.  Quite a daunting prospect but without trail and error, what would one achieve?  I have to admit that so far, it’s fairly straightforward and not this dark, scary place in cyber-space that I had built it up to be…  Don’t want to talk/write too soon though so will go ahead now and click the ‘publish’ button and see if this has all worked.  Wish me luck!..

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