Can’t see the wood for the boxes…

My apologies for having been so quiet on ‘Reading in the Bath’ of late. Unfortunately, not much reading has been going on – in the bath or otherwise – as we have been busy moving house. We have bought a beautiful piece of Australia, up in d’em dere hills and busy making it into our own. Unpacking is over half way done now, finally, so will be back as soon as I can to post reviews on those books I have managed to squeeze in inbetween boxes, renovations (yes, we’re doing a bathroom renovation already – got to get my claw foot bath in there for soaking and reading purposes) and finding new homes for everything! Oh the joy…


Reading in a Claw Foot Bath

Just thought I’d share with you some photos of the beach house we stayed in last weekend on our Family’s Mini Break to Phillip Island…

I loved this house. It’s what I call a ‘story book house.’ The main bathroom was upstairs so one night, the Hubby and kids were banished downstairs while I took myself, Twelve, wine and some chocolate for a looong soak. Bliss! This is what holidays should all be about!

This house was so big and rambling that there were nooks and crannies all over the place.  My favourite one to curl up in to read was a comfy couch under the stairs.  It made me feel very Harry-ish!

One day, the Family wanted to head out to the Skate Park, and I of course brought my book along for company!

The best thing to do at a Skate Park!

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