Books, books, books – the best gift you can ever receive!

My son plays junior football and I’m the team’s Team Manager (for my sins!) It was our season break-up recently where we congratulate the boys and their coaches on a great season of footy. The parents had clubbed together and also got me a thank you gift, which was a lovely surprise. They clearly know me well as they bought me a book voucher – the best gift anyone can ever give me!

The very next day I rushed off to the book shop to browse, browse, browse and spend, spend, spend! This is the stash I came home with.

‘Fresh Meat!’ in the form of books…

At the shopping centre where Dymocks is, they quite often have independent stalls scattered around for a week or so at a time. I was ecstatic to see a book selling stall there this week and best of all, all the books on it were just  a gold coin each. I could not let that opportunity go un-shopped so also brought home this mini mountain:


Another book I bought for a dollar from the same book stall was one I’d been wanting to read for a long time, ever since I heard about it on Richard and Judy – ‘No and Me’ by Delphine De Vigan (review coming soon.)


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