Tideline – Penny Hancock

When fifteen year old Jez knocks on Sonia’s – a friend of his Aunt’s – door, he ends up being drugged and kept prisoner in a soundproofed music room in her house. This is a chilling, twisted story but as it is told in Sonia’s voice, you can’t help but be drawn into her ‘reasoning’ and end up empathising with her, to some extent. You are with her as her ‘madness’ grows and ‘hear’ her reasons for not freeing Jez escalate.

Running alongside this story, is the story of Sonia as a teenager and through her memories, we learn of the passionate love she had for another 15 year old boy. I really enjoyed this book and actually preferred the ‘memories’ story, even though it served to highlight Sonia’s obsessive, jealous and possessive traits. The twist, when it comes, relates to the teenage Sonia’s story and one that I hadn’t seen coming.  A fascinating, gripping thriller.

His eyes close and his head falls to one side.  I’m alarmed by my own audacity.  And yet I feel an incredible calm sweep over me that I’ve got him.

He’s mine.



I loved this book. It is a very clever, well-planned book with a fantastic twist at the end. It had me screaming at the main character in parts as I seemed to value her life more than she did! When the twist happened, it forced me to rethink quite a few elements of the book. When I woke up three days after I’d finished the book thinking about a particluar scene and realising that maybe it wasn’t what I’d first thought it was, then I knew I’d found a great book and author.

The story is told by one main character,Beatrice, following the disappearance of her sister, Tess.  Everyone believes that Tess killed herself but Beatrice says no one knew her sister like she did and she goes all out to prove that it was a case of murder, not suicide and is determined to track down the killer herself.  The story is told exclusively through Beatrice’s eyes as she hosts monologues in her head to Tess, and as she shares the conversations she has with their mother, the police and Tess’ work colleagues.  It is a great read and thriller, and I urge you to read it too and see what you make of the ending.


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