Gotta Love a Rumble through the Jumble…

Every year, the local Fire Station holds a mammoth Jumble Sale. The doors open at 7am but people start queuing up much earlier than that! I’m not actually THAT keen but I did get there around 9am last weekend, purely and simply with book buying in mind…

Sadly, there didn’t seem to be as many books this year as there have been previously. Still enjoyed rummaging through them though whilst my kids went and spent their money at the overflowing toy table. The ironic thing is that I probably donated the stuff they ‘found’. Oh yay!  They did also make it to the Home bake stall (I’ve taught them well) and shared some cupcake crumbs with me!  Being boys, they of course did enjoy ogling the fire engines… and for the ‘boys’ reading this blog, here are two shiny specimens for you to drool over too!


Gotta Love a Book Sale

My lovely neighbour knocked on my door to let me know that her son’s school was having a Car Boot Sale at the weekend and did I want to go with my boys? Never one to miss out a bargain shopping opportunity, off we all went.

We traipsed around for awhile picking up and buying a few bits’n’bobs here and there when all of a sudden, we all had an epiphany… Hubby spotted the coffee van, the boys made a beeline for the playground and I – lucky, lucky I – turned round a corner and found a BOOK SALE!!!!  Who knew?!  I dashed off, barely saying goodbye to the family (I think I may have muttered something like “I’ll be awhile… don’t wait for me…” but who knows or cares if they heard!)  I was a woman on a mission!

The book sale was set up in the gym and someone had gone to a lot of trouble categorising them all and bagging some together (collections and children’s books.)

Sadly, there actually wasn’t much there that I wanted but I did manage to spend the grand total of $8.80 and came home with some new books to add to my overflowing bookshelves.  A happy woman indeed.

Found some Enid books amidst the boxes

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